Past Projects

Soul Motion: Odyssey of the Heart Teacher Certification Training Manual (2012). Vinn Marti.

Body-Mind Integration: Reclaiming the Forgotten Treasure (2010). Ph.D. thesis, Zuza Engler.

Ordination Thesis, submitted to the Northern California Nevada Conference of the UCC (2010). Rachel Knuth, M.Div.

Modern Language Association’s Approaches to Teaching World Literature series:

  • Teaching Nineteenth-Century American Poetry (2007)
  • MLA Texts and Translations: Trois Femmes (2007)
  • Approaches to Teaching Puig’s Kiss of the Spider Woman (2007)
  • A Research Guide for Undergraduate Students (2006)
  • Approaches to Teaching Collodi’s Pinocchio (2006)
  • Approaches to Teaching Early Modern Spanish Drama (2005)

America 2014: An Orwellian Tale, Dawn Blair. Council Oak Books, 2004.

GIST Communications (1996-7). As assistant managing editor of production, I managed communications between the design, editorial, and technical departments of a 70-person Internet company; provided languaging and useability oversight to site redesigns; and wrote user manual and supporting documentation for proprietary software tools.


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