“Whether you’re struggling with content or commas, Loretta can help you edit your writing. Smart, fast, reliable, and unfailingly supportive, she has a rare combination of skills that include both an intuitive grasp of ‘what the author was trying to say’ and a remarkably keen eye for typos, missing footnotes, crooked margins, and misguided metaphors. After Loretta’s scrutiny my 364 page dissertation received immediate content and format approval. Without her, I would still be trying to fix those orphan sentences today.”

–Zuza Engler, Ph.D.

“As an editor, Loretta sees the big picture and flow, and knows how to re-work unclear text, as well as shorten unnecessary wording. As the creator of a user manual for Gist Communications, a 70-person Internet company which I headed at the time, she worked with programmers to take complex procedures and craft them into a user’s manual that clients and employees could easily understand.  She has also helped me achieve clarity and brevity with Op Eds, position papers, articles and proposals. Whether creating a proposal from an idea, or gently and non-egotistically recommending revisions to a nearly ready document, Loretta is top notch. She is as skilled an editor as anyone I have met during my 30 year career in both print and new media.”

–Jonathan Greenberg, CEO of Gist Communications, TV1.com and Progressive Source Communications.

“After paying a seemingly experienced copy editor to proofread and correct my manuscript, I hired Loretta to give the work a second pass. To my amazement, she found more than 200 additional typos and copy-edit changes! If your work requires the best copy-editing around, Loretta is the one to do it!”

–Dawn Blair, author of America 2014: An Orwellian Tale. 

“During my time at SUNY Maritime learning to be an Naval Architect I took so many engineering courses that the names of some and the content of even more slip my mind. It was these classes that I focused on and obsessed over thinking that they would be what determined my success in the industry. When it came to courses like your Technical Writing class, I often viewed them as a side note, a relief of sorts from the calculations and work of my core requirements. Now that I am working and experiencing the reality of the profession that I have chosen I feel compelled to write you and thank you, above all my professors, for teaching me.  It was the skills and topics learned in your class that have most benefited me. I am constantly writing white papers and ship specifications where lay out and readability more often than not count far more than content…  the need to balance the desires of all three [customers] and make all our customers happy requires a lot of creative writing to go along with some very inventive engineering. Thank you again for taking the time to teach this course, it may be under appreciated by your students in class but I’m sure many, if not all of them, value it greatly after graduation just as I do.”

–Greg J, student


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